I haven’t really been active with this blog lately – don’t know what to write?! I’m still active with healthy food and working out. Love it!

Now I’m free for four days – I WILL workout every day! 😀



I’m on a break, since I’m sick. I’ve only been able to workout once this week -Tuesday. Sucks. 😦 instead I’ve been on long walks each day.

I’ve GAINED 400 gram this week which is crazy since I’ve been walking A LOT. Ugh. It better be muscles! I’ve walked 6-9 km every day… At least I had lost 3 cm around my stocmach since last Sunday. Hurray:)

I bought a watch that counts calories and it checks my pulse, I love it! At Zumba I lost 801 kcal. Amazing:D here’s the proof:


I will be really strict with the food next week since I have the goal to lose 15 kgs til the last day of June. Let’s goooo



I’ve lost 1,5 kg since last sunday! I’m 100 g from my goal weight for April 1st, crazy:D now I’ve lost 6,8 kg since January 14th. Amazing feeling.



1st of march and I’ve already walked this much:


6,5 km.

I’m super motivated with losing weight at the moment and ordered a watch online, it counts calories, distance and pulse. It should be here on Friday next week at latest. Awesomeeee!!

I did it! I had the goal to walk 90 km this month:) and there’s still one day left.


100 km is my goal for march. Let’s go!